Updated: Dec 3, 2021


Born and raised in Texas, Mariah grew up learning how to cook in her mother’s kitchen, watching her grandmother’s and learning from “Oh Sh*t” moments. She took an interest in cooking early on and showed appreciation for food and seasonings immediately. She can’t get enough of the Mexican and Pasta dishes. She must have jalapenos and/or salsa on almost every meal. Mariah AKA TuffNutt has completely changed her diet by learning how to cook healthier meals at home. That being just finding the balance in food that will benefit her body and allow her to eat as she pleases. She hopes to use her experience to educate others on being more mindful of their body. By doing this she will give out information monthly for those seeking to change their habits. This could be anything from your diet, daily routine and related topics. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the website to get the details when she releases new information. She is a dog mom to K.J. who is vibrant and goofy like his mama. She travels often, leaving reviews for restaurants and mom and pop diners. Follow her on Google Maps for the latest stop-in review. She loves helping people figure out “what to cook tonight with my pantry options”. Above all else, she enjoys the hospitality and the food industry, hoping to open her event kitchen one day soon. You can shop for kitchen appliances to follow her recipe videos at home. Let’s get you comfortable cooking in the kitchen to serve your family and friends. You can feel like a pro with these dependable appliances for everyday usage and take up small space in the kitchen. Enjoy shopping!

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