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We are always looking for ways to bring peace of mind and support to your life. The books we sell will provide educational, instructional, and essential information to complement your lifestyle. Check out our book collection and grab your copy today!

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The Healthy Living Personal Program

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Are You Someone Who:

  • Struggles to find a routine to keep your independence with an autoimmune disease?

  • Becomes overwhelmed in finding "the right" diet and lifestyle choices to eliminate inflammation.

  • Has trouble voicing the need for support and community outreach.

  • Puts off seeing the doctor because of a bad consumer experience in the past?

Trust me, I get it first hand, having to live with Lupus since 2008. The day they diagnosed you, the doctor reads the results, answer a question or two then sent you on your way. Experience with your provider shouldn't be negative, it should be a pleasant and compassionate visit. That why I wrote these educational books for you. To ease the frustration and just start focusing on taking care of you more. Be sure to grab your copy and start living the life you want with NO INFLAMMATION.


The Healthy Living Workshop

Be part of our subscription community to get information about all our training. The goal is to educate and send out tips on how to balance out your lifestyle with movement and stress management manner. We have expertise in the wellness industry and are committed to helping and providing help in resources to patients to live a better life. 


The reason for writing this book is to help patients who are newly diagnosed with autoimmune disease and in need of guidance on finding the right structure or routine for a new lifestyle. To help those who are scared or nervous, and encourage them to speak up and seek help. To learn and understand their specific needs and wants in life. Helping family members and friends support their loved ones with this condition. Effective therapies are available for these conditions, like individual treatment regimens, which will make it easy for patients with autoimmune disease to beat this and live a normal life.

Balanced nutrition combined with a healthy lifestyle is the best choice to help you manage your condition. Having that in mind, it pays to know that certain foods can also provide extra benefits to people with autoimmune diseases. It's important to know the right food to eat, as it can help protect you against some of these conditions.

Grab your educational materials today and beat living with inflammation. To live the lifestyle you deserve with family and your love ones.