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The Full Story


Life will strike you at any moment with obstacles: HEALTH, MONEY, FAMILY, ETC


Mariah was a star runner on her high school track varsity team when autoimmune disease struck her junior year. She would come home from practice, skipping dinner and going straight to sleep through the entire night until the next morning. It wasn’t until her hands started swelling up and severe fevers left her staying home from school.


Eventually, after continuous blood work and doctor appointments, her diagnosis was Lupus. It took her year's of self-studying, learning holistic practice's and finding method for her to help other's manage their condition.


She took health and nutrition courses in college, helped nonprofit organizations and public schools in Texas. Now, she’s aiming to inspire others to change their lifestyle! 

Find your support with TuffMariah in managing your inflammation in your day to day routine with mindfulness practices. Start with positive changes you can start at anytime, 3 Keys.

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TuffMariah is a lifestyle management provider that creates health and wellness strategies for autoimmune disease.
We work with health professionals to educate on nutrition and holistic practices that’ll improve your condition. 

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Our Vision

Inspire individuals to take the lead in accessing health education to improve the quality of their life by beating inflammation everyday.

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